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Medium Spirited Vessel Candle

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The medium category is mostly wine bottles and craft beers, larger than a beer bottle but not a full-sized liquor bottle, these are the best size to "gift." 


Incredible burn time; an insane value... not to mention some amazing artwork on the variety of labels. 


Medium candles are made in recycled wine/large beer bottles.  Burn Time: 75+ hours.


Our handmade, eco-friendly, soy wax candles burn slow and clean. 100% soy wax and chemical-free fragrance oils produce an environmentally friendly candle that is sure to please any candle connoisseur.


Please Note: 

RePour'd Candle Factory is proud to have partnered with several Wisconsin bars and restaurants to maintain a consistent flow of salvaged bottles.  Using salvaged bottles allows us to actively reduce waste; while maintaining an artistic commitment to craftsmanship, creativity—and a bit of the unexpected.  We are committed to collecting the most eye-appealing wine bottles, the most unique liquor bottles, and the most coveted beer bottles.  The random supply makes it like a surprise for yourself.  YOU pick the scent and WE will make you a candle that you are sure to love.

Bubbly - This Limited-Edition scent is the exact replica of the effervescent bubbles and sweet after taste of a great glass of Champagne.


Lust - This scent makes lavender sexy.  Blended with amber, musk, and clary sage it is the perfect unisex fragrance for candle lovers everywhere.


Zen - Palo Santo is a sustainable wood from South America that has natural healing, calming, and cleaning properties. Blended with cardamom and hints of amber this earthy scent is grounding and known to bring good fortune to those that burn it.


Sunset -A calming mix of green floral and bamboo create a light, yet not overpowering scent.  Notes of bergamot, lime, cucumber, and violet make this the perfect scent to practice yoga, meditate, or relax with.


Teakwood - This masculine scent leads with spicy notes of ginger and clove. Tobacco leaf and aged teakwood blend into the essential oils of cedarwood and black peppercorn to round out this best-selling scent.


Apothecary - Breathe in, breathe out. Apothecary is a refreshing mix of eucalyptus and spearmint that will brighten your senses. Mixed with a hint of lavender, citrus, and a touch of marigold, this aroma is a year-round favorite.


Vanilla - Light and creamy, this true vanilla scent will remind you of baking with family and friends. Rich and potent with a buttery top note, our Vanilla scent is soft but “not too sweet.”


Harmony - A bright mix of fresh juicy grapefruit and heady gardenia blend harmoniously with spicy vetiver for a sophisticated experience. Notes of musk and cedarwood settle into a soft trace of sweet vanilla. Harmony is a perfect everyday scent to add a hint of elegance to your home.


Seaside - Salty sea air dances along a coastline filled with fresh greens and florals.  Blended with bright lemon and rosemary. Seaside is the perfect reminder of lazy days filled with sand and sunshine.


Eden - Feminine and sweet, Eden is a mix of soft violet, lemon zest and exotic sandalwood.  Mingled with a touch of orris and jasmine, this unique floral based scent, with a hint of citrus, creates an intoxicating retreat.  


Terrace - Just like a walk through a farmers market, on a warm and sunny day, this divine scent is a mix of of garden fresh tomato with hints of lemon and herbs.  Blended with unique tiger grass and leafy ferns, Terrace is where you will want to spend your sunrises and sunsets.


Violette - A sweet banquet of violet water and raspberry, this airy scent is mixed with a hint of lilac, jasmine, banana, and orange. Paired with an open window and a fresh breeze our Violet scent will make spring your favorite season of the year.

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